What we do
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What we can do for you

We coordinate a network of professionals and collaborators, setting-up teams specifically
to take care of and meet the needs of:




Individual customers

Our services are always tailor-made, to achieve a finished and elegant editorial product, both to be printed or in a digital version.

Evaluation services

We offer a referral service for papers, academic articles, essays. We provide our clients with an evaluation service for fiction manuscripts to help the author in the never predictable process of literary composition.
We also edit or create critical apparatus such as bibliographic footnotes and bibliographic references.

Editorial services

We offer editing, revision, drafting and proofreading of texts, adapting them to the guidelines set out by publishers, magazines and companies. We arrange the text both for print on paper or for digital distribution.
We also take care produce analytical indexes and coherent apparatuses, setting them up according to publishing guidelines.

Production and graphics services

We offer accurate page-making, taking advantage of the best softwares availables. We arrange print layouts, to accomodate the different needs of our customers.

Besides, our network of professionals is also available for projects involving image processing, cartography, photographic postproduction.